Kalo Hoyle was born in rural Missouri, growing up in the wilderness of Missouri and Colorado, a prominent influence on his art and music, helping his work stay in touch with the world around him. He recieved his bachelor's degree in music composition from the University of Missouri Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance. 

            Kalo has performed professionally as a bass player in a variety of genres and styles including traditional English and Irish, jazz, classical ensembles (orchestras and quintets), improvisational ensembles and rock bands. He also played in musicals and theatre productions as well as collabrative works with contemporary dance companies such as Karlovsky contemporary ballet (St. Louis). 

            While attending UMKC, Kalo studied with Dr. Paul Rudy as well as performing in his IMP ensemble. He worked with Chen Yi and Zhao Long, studying and drawing on their compositions’ cross-cultural qualities. His own music draws heavily on folk traditions from all over the world, finding core qualities and applying that to western ensembles. This interconnected quality, integrating a variety of cultures into a new sound, helps his music explore a question until there is no one answer, letting each person to come to their own. Most recently his music was featured in a collaborative ballet production with choregrapher Abigail Hinrichs entitled To Some Transparent End, a work exploring identity and individual purpose. 

He currently lives in St. Louis Missouri, bringing his art into a new space and continuing to explore the foundational phenomenon of art itself as well as extending his scope to include visual art installations. 

Photo by Abigail Hinrichs

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